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Color of the sun which represents joy, tone and smooth at the same time, energy, wealth, intelligence, drive ... 

Loft bedroom, very nice pool side with balcony to admire the sunset


75 000 FCFA / 115€ per night


Be Bold, vibrate with  warm colors that will make you travel. 

Cosi room side garden


65 000 FCFA / 99€ per night


Royal color, it symbolizes mystery, romance, idealism, purity, peace and luxury. 

Mezzanine bedroom, garden side with balcony to enjoy the outdoors

75 000 FCFA / 115 € par nuit

6 bedrooms and 6 ways to welcome in Africa! Let yourself be tempted... 


To make your stay more pleasant, the rooms are tastefully decorated and feature a private bathroom, quality bedding and a terrace for most. A desk and high-speed Internet connection will enable professionals to work with all the necessary comforts.


The Breakfast in included in the room rates below.

Additional 10 000 FCFA (15€) for the 2nd person (breakfast included)


Between sky and sea soak up 
of calm, serenity, freshness but also infinity. 


Room side garden with its terrace overlooking the greenery


75 000 FCFA / 115 € per night



Enter in a world of balance, nature offering freshness and serenity. 
Mezzanine bedroom pool side with balcony to relax in the evening with a drink


75 000 FCFA / 115€ per night



Character color, passion, énergoe, live diifférentes emotions. 

Suite poolside with her little Moroccan lounge and terrace with palm trees you will enjoy a pleasant stay


95 000 FCFA 145€ per night

On your 1st stay



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